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... A village in total immersion in 19th century North America, in the life of the cowboys and pioneers of the time of the conquest of the West.
A unique, immersive experience, of a simple lifestyle in contact with nature ...

Franck Gilbert, founder of Bell Fouche City will be happy to welcome and offer you:
- Accommodation in a tipi or in a tent similar to that of a pioneer
- Western-style riding
- Initiation to black powder shooting
- Handling of the lasso

Bell Fourche City was selected as part of the call for projects launched by Berry Province and received support from KissKissBankBank, Tourism & Territories of Cher teams throughout the promotion campaign.(Berry Province).

Opening: from May 01 to September 30, 2023
Accommodation options and rates: www.berryprovince.com

Contact : Bell Fouche City - Franck Gilbert
Address : 2 Les Rappereaux - 18510 MENETOU-SALON
Phone : 06 65 29 66 55
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website : https://bellfourchecity.fr/
Facebook :
Bell Fourche City

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Bell Fourche City Saloon

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