carte electeur

Issuance of the electoral card
  - Online registration request
 - Registration request by correspondence: print the form (here), fill it in manually, accompanied by the following supporting documents : 
         - Proof of address of less than 3 months
         - A recent identity document proving your French nationality: passport or national identity card (front and back).
           If you have recently become French and you do not yet have French identity papers: recent original identity document (passport or identity card) + proof of French nationality (decree of naturalization for example)
    and send it to the town hall
        - a municipality in which you have been subject to local taxes for at least 5 years
        - of your residence. If you have effectively and continuously resided there for at least 6 months
        - of the municipality where you are subject to compulsory residence as a public official

Proxy vote

Voting operations: identity documents to present