Each year many events are organized in our town, either by associations or by the town hall, here is the list:

Every month :
- Traveling cinema

January :
- Mayor's wishes

May :
- Flea market on May 1 organized by the Menetou-Soulangis fire brigade association
- Celebration of the victory of May 8, 1945
- Trail of the Terres du Haut-Berry

June :
- Tournament organized by the tennis club

June July :
- Festival “On the street! »Organized by the Carroi
- Flower houses competition

July :
- July 14 pétanque competition
- National Holiday

August :
- Open cellars
- Barn open on August 15 organized by MSEF

- Welcoming new residents
- Melon fair and soapbox races

November :
- Antiques fair
- Celebration of the armistice of November 11, 1918
- Salon of artists and craftsmen

December :
- Christmas craft village

And throughout the year:
Numerous events (hikes, game night, belote competitions, lotteries, bird fair, western party, events for school children, etc.) organized by sports, cultural and social associations.

The flea market of May 1st
Bistrot menestro 1
The trail
The trail again ...
La Ptite Boutique 1
The festival in the street
Generation coiffure 3
July 14 festivities
Boucherie Tribalat1
July 14 meal
Repas 14 juillet
The open cellars
Boulangerie Dompierre1
The melon fair and its soapbox race
Maxime Guillaudeau2
The craftsmen's fair
Tabac Presse Epicerie Ya5
 Le salon des antiquaires
Salon des Antiquaires
Le marché de noël
Marche de Noel
Le cinéma itinérant 
Cinema itinerant