recensement militaire

Military census

For both girls and boys, the compulsory census is done online or at the town hall of the place of residence within three months of the 16th birthday. The town hall will then give you a census certificate. It is essential for you to keep it in a safe place.
You will be asked for this certificate if you want to register for any exam or competition subject to the control of the public authority (CAP, BEP, BAC, driving license, and even accompanied driving, etc.).
After being registered, and up to the age of 25, you are required to notify the National Service Officel  of any change of domicile or residence, family and professional situation.

Online application

- Mairie de Menetou-Salon, 12 rue de la Mairie, 18510 Menetou-Salon - 02 48 64 81 21

Documents required
On the day of the census at the town hall, bring: 
  • the national identity card,
  • family record book,
  • divorce judgment (if the parents are divorced)
  • French nationality certificate (if the parents were born abroad)
  • doctor's certificate or disability card (exemption)